Luxury Sea View Villas For Sale At Naithon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Ao Yon Beach

Our next beach in the Vista Del Mar Phuket  monthly guide is Ao Yon Beach. Located between Panwa beach and Cape Panwa on the south west coast of the island this Ao Yon is one of Phukets ‘hidden’ beaches.

Ao Yon Beach takes some effort to find as it is situated quite far from the road and it is easy to drive past without seeinAo Yon Phuketg the entrance! There are a few cafe / bar signs and an old yellow giraffe sculpture to look out for. Drivers need to  to park on the main road as local residents won’t allow the use of the path down for cars but as it is fairly ‘undiscovered’ it very rarely gets busy.

There are actually two Ao Yon Beaches which are separated by a rocky outcrop. Ao Yon senior is the best side to leave your car on, and walk down using one of several paths leading to the sea. Ao Yon junior hosts a large shrimp farm and there is the opportunity to have a go at game fishing. Despite this the views are still very engaging with a great view out to Chalong Bay and Lone Island. At the far western end of the beach there a stream comes down from the hills to meet the sea with a waterfall visible behind the beach.


As with several other more isolated beaches it is only partially maintained and not as sophisticated as some of the busier beaches. However, the central part of the beach is everything a Phuket beach should be;  a beautiful tropical setting with tall, overhanging palm trees, sparkling waves and an emerald sea, with  a small restaurant or two and a bamboo massage hut thrown in. Dragon Boat racing also takes place on the weekend.

Ao Yon Beach is approximately 40 minutes drive from Vista Del Mar Phuket Sea View Villas