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Know Phuket: Driving in Phuket

As regular visitors to Phuket know, driving is not for the faint hearted or uninitiated! It can look a little chaotic and haphazard, but with a few hints, tips and Phuket know how driving is actually a great way to explore the island and its scenery, and So if you are looking to buy a villa in Phuket, then read on!

1. Motorbikes are ridden by many (you may even see some rather precarious balancing acts taking place with several members of one family on board) and are very easy to hire, but unless you are an experienced rider or used to the Phuket driving style, a car may be a better option. Driving in PhuketKnow Phuket is very chaotic compared to other countries and can be very dangerous.

2. If you do hire a bike follow the rule of the law and wear a helmet. Contrary to how it may look helmets are compulsory for both drivers and passengers in Phuket. Do not drive around shirtless, as this is actually illegal in Phuket. The Thai are a generally modest and respectful people and you may be stopped and a fine imposed if you do not follow the rules.

3. Drive in the left side of the road and remember that driving laws, road signs and markings are based on international guidelines and are generally easy to understand. Most direction signs are written in both Thai and English.

4. Remember to check if your current driving license is valid in Phuket, and if not then get an international driving permit. Always carry your license on you when driving. If buying a villa in Phuket then it is possible to get long term permits.

5. And finally – a very local marker! A branch of a tree on the road means there is a vehicle stopped somewhere on the road ahead with some engine trouble, as opposed to a reflective triangle.

Just remember to drive safe and never second guess another driver and you will stay safe to enjoy your luxury Phuket villa to its full potential!