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Muay Thai

As we know, one of the reasons people buy a luxury villa in Phuket is to be able to fully participate in the cultural lifestyle, however with this popular Thai sport spectating may be a better idea!

Thai boxing (or Muay Thai) is a national sport that is gaining in popularity outside of Thailand. Muay Thai first became popular in the 15th century when Thailand’s first noted boxer, ‘Nai Khanom Tom’  single-handedly defeated nine Burmese fighters in an attempt for liberty.

Muay Thai has a deep spiritual symbolisation with many ceremonies and rituals attached to the sport. The relationship between the boxer and his trainer is heavily ritualistic; trained boxers wear a headband gifted by their trainer. It is a cherished item that denotes the years of dedication to the sport and to the relationship between the boxer and trainer. When the boxers enter the arena they perform a special pre-fight dance known as the ‘ram muay’. This itself begins with each boxer kneeling and bowing three times (wai khru); a demonstration of respect to the teacher. Only after this does the fight begins.

Thai boxing is considered a violent sport, and it certainly needs intensive training to partake but many of the shows that take place for tourists and at holiday resorts are demonstrations of the art of boxing and are mostly for show. However if you do fancy training and participating there are training camps available across Phuket. Your luxury Naithon Beach villa will then certainly be the perfect place to recuperate!

Image: Patong Boxing Stadium