Luxury Sea View Villas For Sale At Naithon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Cuisine!

As we have mentioned before, eating and drinking in Phuket is one of the reasons to buy a villa in Phuket! While in Phuket you have a vast array of food to choose from, all available at a moments notice. From street vendors, to local restaurants, TEating in Phukethai specialties to western cuisine, it is all available; however it is highly recommended that you stick to Thai food!

The Thai people are very proud of their food, a unique mix of sweet and sour, salt and spice. It is always made from fresh ingredients and prepared that day. The food is historically influenced by the abundance of fresh seafood from the Andaman Sea and recipes include a large variety of herbs and spices including garlic, lemon grass, chillies, mint, basil, coriander and cumin.

Eating in Phuket is a very social occasion and although many of the younger Thais have adopted western dining styles, there are still several rules to follow in traditional situations. These include:


  • Let the senior ladies of the group order, a Thai tradition
  • Take small portions of a shared dish to ensure everyone can enjoy some.
  • Take your time and relish the food while enjoying the conversation and social occasion
  • Make sure to finish everything on your plate, to let others know you have enjoyed the meal


  • Do not leave chopsticks in the bowl, it signifies death and is considered very bad luck
  • Don’t use your fork to put food in your mouth, instead use it to push your food onto your spoon
  • Don’t order one dish just for yourself. This is considered bad manners as Thai meals are always shared


Finally, all of our Phuket luxury villas have been designed with sociability in mind and with all modern conveniences, perfect for hosting your own Thai dinner party!