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Phuket Island Guide: Coral Island

Coral Island, also known as as Koh Hae, is a stunning beach  approximately three kilometres southeast of Phuket. The island has 2 main beaches, Long Beach and Banana Beach and due to its proximity to Phuket is very popular with holiday-makers.

As the name suggests Coral Island offers impressive snorkeling off Banana Beach and indeed if you go out far enough from Long Beach you will also  discover a fine reef. To get to the island from your house in Phuket is a relatively simple expedition. You can book a day-trip from any tour operator, often a package will be on offer with a speedboat, lunch and snorkeling for a set fee. The oPhuket Island Guide - Koh Haether option is to drive to Chalong pier and join boats departing from there.

Long Beach, the beautiful, 9oom stretch of main beach can get incredibly busy with day trippers and boats queued up at the waters edge. This is also where the noisier activities take place such as parasailing and banana boats. It can be  great place to join in with the fun but if you are looking for somewhere slightly quieter then walk over to Banana Beach.

There is a walking route at the east end of the beach that leads through the jungle. It takes around 15 minutes and is over some rough terrain, so not ideal for the very young or elderly. Banana Beach is a stunning,quiet beach where you can appreciate the beauty of the island without the hustle and bustle of the tourists. There is great snorkeling almost directly offshore and shallow coral reef is an ideal snorkeling spot for learners and children.

If you want somewhere even quieter it is possible to get around to the south side of the Island and Freedom Beach (usually by boat, a great opportunity to sail round thee island). This is a small beach nestled into the bay with surrounding steep-rising hills. There is a restaurant and basic facilities available.

All in all a great trip out from your Phuket luxury villa!