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Phuket Island Guide: Racha Islands

The twin Racha Islands, known as Ko Racha Yai and Ko Racha Noi, are situated on the south east coast of Phuket and are most easily accessible from Chalong Beach, which is approximately 45 minutes drive from Vista del Mar’s Phuket private villas.Phuket Island

Located 12km off the Phuket coast these islands are immensely popular with tourists and are renowned for their superior diving and snorkeling experiences in both high and low season. The sparkling, clear, waters, corals and vast sea-life array mean this is a paradise for those who like to spend their lives in the water. The physical topography of Racha Yai means that snorkeling is an option all year round.

Ko Racha Yai is perhaps the most popular island out of the 2, as it is the only one inhabited. The island has a criss-crossing network of dirt roads and paths that link all of the beaches and hotspots, and it is quite easy to walk from the beach bungalows available to rent to the crisp, clean white beaches. Although it is lived upon there is a very relaxed atmosphere on the island as compared to many other popular Phuket islands. Restaurants and nightlife are few but it is still a great place to unwind and enjoy a cocktail in the open air bars. Jet-skiing & para sailing are officially banned, so the beaches are relatively quiet and peaceful. Motorbikes are available to rent but most people get around the island on foot, it possible to walk from one side to another within 15 minutes.

Ko Racha Noi is located 10km from Racha Yai and is uninhabited. The waters here are a beautiful emerald green as opposed to the turquoise blue of Racha Yai. There are good fishing opportunities to be had, and it is a great spot for experienced divers. The overall land and sea- scape of this island is very different to Racha Yai, so the diving is definitely more challenging but an experience for those adrenaline junkies out there!

Another great island adventure available to plan from the comfort of your Phuket private villa!